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Moon of my Life.
OC meme! One of my minor characters beats a reanimated corpse with a fire extinguisher.
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I can’t remember if you got that far, but Ginny in Apocalypse Pow! fought off a zombie horde with a few jars of acid and a table leg.

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Like many other things that changed when she became a Bleachling, Shanta stopped identifying as a woman. She now identifies most closely with something along the lines of agender or neutrois.
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All of the NPCs for Mwangi campaign started with a secret, in case I needed a fast plot point.  The wizard Tara (who I’ll remind you several party members wanted) is actually manic depressive and performs the occasional weird experiment on random victims or sometimes herself.

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Mona is really good at the harp.
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Infantry practices weaponsmithing in his spare time.  He’s made a lot of shitty spears, which is why he carries around a bunch of different polearms for DR.

jorah always tries to cuddle at inappropriate times with the wrong people
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Dove cuddles - but only if she has a knife within grabbing distance.  Usually under her pillow.



just leaving this here for everyone…


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Trying something new where I actually draw with references.  I think it went ok.  My coloring’s still terrible tho :P

This is a possible new character for pathfinder - or at least a concept I had.  Changeling Dual-cursed Oracle of Bones.  She’s got the blackened (burnt hands) and wrecker curses, and takes a wordcasting feat to give her the undeath word (so her minions are a bit more expendable).

Not sure on a backstory, but just trying out a look and needed something to draw.

(I don’t know why tumblr feels the need to zoom my drawings, but I guess it lost some quality in the export too)


Some of the posters on Norman’s bedroom walls in ParaNorman.

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This is exactly how physics does not work.

Why didn’t she just use the lipstick on the door? 

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video game meme → [1/7] male characters → leon kennedy

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Why you should play Harvester according to Steam.

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